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The technology behind
next-gen repellents

Understand how STAYTEC™  works

Slow Release

STAYTEC™ patented technology is designed to control skin absorption and evaporation of the active repelling agent. This means that the repellent does not evaporate rapidly, but in a controlled manner: enabling a long-lasting repelling action of up to 14 hours

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Reduced Skin Penetration

STAYTEC™ patented technology  is designed to limit the active repelling ingredient penetration of the skin: enabling the full quantity of agent to be used as repellent and not “wasted”, increasing safety

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Soft Touch

STAYTEC™ patented technology contributes to the formulation of a soft emulsion with a skin neutral pH. After a smooth and pleasant application, the lotion virtually disappears, leaving an invisible protection that is not sticky, greasy or smelly

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The invention of

While on a family camping trip with his young daughters, mosquitos were a huge problem and Tycho Speaker became concerned with how much chemical was soaking into his children to protect them.

He knew about encapsulation chemistry, and when they got home, he improvised to experiment on something using an old blender and safe materials.

He came up with the right ratios of components for a first prototype that worked and with a bit more research, he gave himself a year to develop the formula and apply for the patent what today is known as the STAYTEC™ technology

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