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The story behind STAYTEC

Tycho Speaker, a second-generation Slovak immigrant, is the innovator behind STAYTEC™. Like many children in immigrant families, he grew up speaking different languages – except his were chemistry, pharmacy, and toxicology, rather than Slovak.

While on a family camping trip with his young daughters, mosquitoes were a huge problem and Dr. Speaker became concerned with how much of the repellent was soaking into his children while it was protecting them. When they returned home, he set about using his background to develop an encapsulated repellent that could keep the repellent on top of the skin where it belonged. With improvised equipment and a lot of creativity (and mosquitoes bites), he succeeded in demonstrating that this approach could make a repellent that reduced skin absorption and worked better than anything on the market. This foundation became the first of many patents and the basis for the advanced STAYTEC™ technology of today.

Later he met LivFul founder Hogan Bassey. The combination of their two visions and programs helped bring STAYTEC™ technology to life along with safe, effective, protection from insects to everyone.

Who we are

We are a community of pioneers who believe in a great purpose. Our shared values and beliefs influence the work that we do, and the impact we hope to achieve

Get to know LivFul

LivFul co-founder Hogan Bassey grew up in Nigeria and had several bouts of Malaria before age 10. Motivated to change his situation, he created his own repellent in his bathroom from simple household products. Only later did he learn that repellents already existed - he just didn’t have access to them. He later realized that lack of access is a systemic issue. He co-founded LivFul to make repellents more accessible, but more importantly to find a holistic way to solve health access.

Hogan’s story attracted investors, well-wishers, and most importantly, a globally experienced leadership team who together designed a framework which makes access to health solutions a possibility for everyone.

Hogan Bassey


LivFul is headquartered in Atlanta, USA, with our global operations center in Daresbury, UK.

LivFul Asia Pacific133 New Bridge Road#23-06 Chinatown PointSingapore 059413

LivFul AfricaNo Q20 Queens Lane,Regimanuel Gray Estate, GT025-1346Community 18 Lashibi, Tema

United Kingdom
The Innovation CentreSci-Tech DaresburyKeckwick LaneDaresbury WA4 4FS

LivFul Latin America
ONOVOLAB Indaiatuba
R. das Primaveras, 1050 - Loja 4313.345-00 Indaiatuba - SP, Brazil

United States
LivFul North America6845 Shiloh Road EastSuite D7Alpharetta, GA 30005


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